About Us


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So we thought we should get slightly more personal!
I am one half of She Bangs (the nerdy half)! My name is Steele.
I’m pierced, I’m tattooed and I’m a bit of a blunt cunt….
Im not fussy, I just know what I like.
In all honesty, I’m not quite sure why the other half of She Bangs wants to marry me!
Im pretty sarcastic, I drink way to much coffee, and i’m a massive science geek! I adore the rockabilly style (although you won’t see me dead in heels), but I can totally pull off a pencil skirt!

I handle the more technical side of She Bangs such as content creation, social media management, this website, and publishing the blogs. My gorgeous, better half is the brains behind writing each review, product research, and is the one who got me into sex toys in the first place!

I tend to manage Instagram and Facebook, whilst the fiancé handles Twitter and emails!




Time to introduce myself; I’m Paige and I’m the other half of She Bangs.

The more sociable half and the one with the words!…oh and a bit more of a diplomat than my lovely other half 😉 I’m a massive book nerd and will happily lose myself in the pages of my favourite books when I’m not hip deep in sex toys 😉

A big tattoo, piercing and pin up fan and a bit of a metal head! Totally love to rock a funky vintage dress and some bright red lippy as well as a bit of a sexy lingerie lover 😉 most likely teemed with a pair of big ole boots!

I’ve been a huge sex toy fan for many a year, both solo and playing with the delectable Steele, I love to push her boundaries and introduce new things to our relationship. ..being the older woman I feel like it’s my duty 😉

Sex positive and a body safe freak and not afraid to preach it!