An insight into IVF – From Steele


So some of you may of noticed we have been absent from social media for the past couple of months. Firstly, I want to say sorry for that, but we have needed a quiet space and needed to put our focus elsewhere.

We have done a couple of posts on our Instagram about it, but for those of you who aren’t following us there (click here to come and join us if not!), we are currently in the thick of it with the full IVF process.

We are currently a one child family, and wish to expand. So for the last 2 years, we have been back and forth for appointments for ultrasounds, blood tests, diagnostic procedures, and counselling! We are currently in whats commonly known as ‘the two week wait’ after completing the treatment.

Now, there isn’t a lot that I can contribute when talking about the process, except sharing how the procedure works, as its Paige who is undergoing the actual treatment. But I did want to offer up my views, to provide awareness, to say how its effected us physically, emotionally, and financially as a couple, and to maybe give an insight into something you may not have known about the process before.

So, I have had 3 roles in this process. The chauffeur, the injection giver, and the sperm shopper.

I will tell you now, late night sperm shopping with my fiancee has top be up there with the strangest things we have done, and will be one of our most memorable evenings together for a long time! Its like a weird version of tinder, where you can pick out certain characteristics, and read their profile. For us, we just wanted similarities to our own physical appearance, but the choices could be endless!

In the last month, needles and probes have been inside Paige more than I have, and the internal probe at the hospital must get more action then all our followers combined! To say we have not been ‘feeling it’, is an understatement.

Personally, tiredness of arsehole o clock wake ups to administer injections has been a big contribution to not being in the mood. Tiredness can be a passion killer at the best of times. As well as the fact that I was inflicting pain on her up to twice a day (although it was necessary), made me want to wrap her up in cotton wool and cuddle her, not chain her to the bed and have my way with her!

I’ve more so had the want to look after her, make sure she is okay, and to be respectful of her body. Cause lets be honest, it’s taken a fucking battering! She will tell you about it all another time.

I take my hat off to ANYONE that has IVF. The physical pain of the procedures, the side effects of the drugs, the nerves, the waiting, the price…..

All of it is quite a taxing ordeal, and I don’t think we even understood how it would effect us until we started it.

Sexually, not much has happened. But am I bothered or concerned? No! This time we have spent together through this life experience, has made us feel closer, more in love, and stronger. Right now everything else can wait.

We are still spending time researching, talking, and reading others posts. We are both trying to write, but its just not flowing. Again, its a waiting game until we know.

So now all we can do is to wait. We will be full of tears either way when we get the result. I’m glad this process has brought us closer, and just proves to me even more what a wonder woman she is!

Speak soon,





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