Womanizer W500 Review 2017

So here we are with our review of the Womanizer W500. This clitoral stimulating device really is a tough one to describe with its pressure wave stimulation and really unique sensation. After reviewing the Satisfyer Pro 2 it seemed only right that we delved into what the Womanizer could offer as a similar style sex toy. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 22.25.38

First off; and I’m sure you’ve heard this before is the name. What in the world was epi24 thinking? The word womaniser has such negative connotations that surely this was the worst thing you could name a sex toy that let’s face it is aimed at and going to be used and purchased by women. The mind boggles at the reasoning but after hearing so much about this product we decided to hold judgement until we felt what it could do to our bodies rather than our minds!

That being said let’s take a closer look at the aesthetics of the Womanizer W500. The packaging is a firm box with a removable lid that shows the design of your product of choice, inside is a moulded insert that holds the Womanizer W500 with this piece being removable to gain access to the inner depths where you will find a user manual, USB charger, spare head in a sealed packet as well as a satin storage bag brandishing the Womanizer name. All very pleasing to the eye with no unnecessary faff. I’m a sucker for luxury packaging and with the price tag on this I maybe expected a bit more but
wasn’t disappointed with what there is.

There are a variety of designs available; from (in our opinion, garish…) animal print to sleek and  modern silver and black. We chose a more fun print for us, being the skulls design. The body of the Womanizer W500 is a short squat kind of product with a protruding head which I can’t help but liken to a digital thermometer which houses the suction. With a removable silicone head which can be replaced when necessary. There is also a slightly unnecessary red light to the head when in use, I guess this has some advantages during a lights off session but not strictly a beneficial feature for us.

Charging is super easy with a USB style charger that plugs into a covered compartment on the underside of the Womanizer. Easy, convenient and no issues here with this for us.

We have a love hate relationship with the controls. To power on/off there is a Swarovski crystal button that you press and hold for a couple of seconds, then a separate chrome look intensity button to increase and decrease the power. What we both love is the ease of the controls, there isn’t really much chance of pressing the wrong button and shutting off mid use but if you do need a hasty retreat back to minimum power then press the on/off button lightly. The hate however is that on/off button itself, sure Swarovski crystal is better than a cheap plastic rhinestone however it’s quite a hard button that almost feels painful to the finger with the firm press that is needed on the pointy crystal, and on this design at least it kind of stands out like a shining beacon and doesn’t quite
fit in with the overall feel of the product. It also feels like the button placement is somehow not quite right, a little awkward being on the opposite side to where my thumb sits and it’s all down to the trigger finger to control, perhaps this is more apt but just a little cumbersome for me.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 22.25.21

Sticking with downsides for a moment the only other real bugbears is the lack of waterproof features and the price! Not being waterproof is a real let down, not for being able to use it underwater but purely for cleaning, sure you can take the head off which takes the brunt of the goo but the shell can only take a wipe down, so make sure you whack out a decent toy cleaner and focus on any grooves and dips on the body.

Talking of goo a good dollop of water based and you are good to go! We are happy that the head is body safe silicone so make sure you use water based lube so as not to damage the finish. Then we have the elephant in the room; the cost. This is a pricey little number, currently on sale with Lovehoney for £149.99. We have to admit this was a bit of a put off as we are a thrifty pair 😉 however we decided to risk it and put our money where our mouth is… well a toy where our mouths normally are 😉 and give it a go; was it worth it..? We hear you cry.

Ok so let’s talk power, what I personally love and my partner Steele agrees is that it starts off at just a pretty quiet gentle hum that is almost a delicate feel. There are 8 intensities and I can’t generally proceed past about 4 or 5 without things becoming a bit too much but these lower settings are pretty damn divine. I for one don’t last long with this product and find myself reaching a pretty intense orgasm very quickly, what’s great though, is because on the lower levels it’s such a gentle consistent sensation I can find myself in an orgasmic state for prolonged periods of time and one click on the power up will have me full on clenching again all over. Definitely a multiple orgasm
friend! I do however feel almost over stimulated if used for too long and having no willpower, when in the pursuit of pleasure I can’t seem to say enough is enough!

The sensation however is just so hard to describe, I’m not sure how this genius toy works but jeez does it work. It’s not the best shape to hold, I hate the name, it feels altogether a little out of place in my hand, it is very pricey and it’s not waterproof, but…it’s pretty lightweight and very quiet especially when in place, it feels sturdy and high quality, it looks overall pleasing and not the norm and it just feels oh so good. The fluttering, pulsing, consistent air pressure just does something to me that makes it hard to know when to stop so for all these points it gets a big fat thumbs up from She Bangs.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 23.09.18

I love using it on myself, having it used on me by Steele and in second heaven watching the results on her. Steele adds that she prefers using this in conjunction with an internal toy as in her words she’s picky! Definitely agreement on the poor button choice and she has no tolerance for the higher settings. Things just get all too intense and almost painful after prolonged periods; as much as she needs direct clitoral stimulation that stimulation has to be just right! 😉 I love a woman that knows her mind and her body so I’m happy to oblige.

All in all do we think the Womanizer is worth the price and lived up to the hype? Well yes and no. It definitely has the desired effect and it feels fab however there are a few let downs that I feel a little more attention to detail could iron out. It is a costly toy and some of these downsides do niggle me for that reason alone but I’m very happy to have the Womanizer in our possession and I feel it will grace our sexy time even after its rigorous testing period is over.

So if you want to experience a unique clitoral stimulation and you can get passed the name and the pennies then we would say go for it. You can lay your hands on the Womanizer W500 from Lovehoney for £149.99.


Affiliate links have been used in this review; this has no reflection on our opinions.

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