Satisfyer Pro 2 Review 2017

Having heard so much about these suction style sex toys our intrigue was well and truly piqued and we needed to get on the sex toy band wagon and see what all the fuss was about!

Enter the Satisfyer Pro 2

A lot of reviews out there have naturally compared the Womaniser w100 or w500 with the Satisfier Pro 2, we will definitely be giving you a direct comparison but this review will be purely based on our experiences with this little sucker.

Spoiler alert…; we have tested this toy over and over again..for science you understand!..and I have to say, I for one am impressed and I’m getting vigorous nodding in agreement from the missus as I’m writing this!

Anyway let’s back up just a bit and actually tell you a bit about this product. It is a touch free clitoral stimulator with vacuum technology that creates pulsing waves of stimulation.

Arriving in a simple but pleasing to the eye black cardboard box, nestled into a moulded insert, the Satisfyer Pro 2 comes with a charging lead, silicone nozzle and information booklet.

It is a lovely rose gold colour which in description doesn’t appeal much to us but in reality it’s a pleasant change from the usual garish pinks out there.

Although the main body of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is plastic (ABS) it feels sturdy and solid when held and not like a cheap plastic toy you expect to rattle and break in no time. It is approximately 6 inches in length and is a comfortable shape and weight to hold. The great thing too is that you don’t feel the vibrations in your hand whilst holding it so none of the numbing feeling you may have had with other toys.


You receive one silicone head/nozzle which is body safe and very soft and flexible. This easily slips onto the head of the Satisfyer Pro 2 and that’s all you need to do to get started. After a charge up of course. The rechargeable set up on the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a magnetic contact point at the base of the toy.

We really like the magnetic chargers but they can be very fiddly and inconsistent at times so was pleased that this one seemed pretty strong and didn’t seem to be going anywhere when nudged. Don’t get us wrong you can’t swing it around your head lasso style and expect it to stay put but with normal daily life, sat on a side charging it shouldn’t go anywhere.

The buttons on the Satisfyer are conveniently situated on the opposite side to what you would normally expect and this is great as they fall in the more natural position as to where your fingers sit.

Controls themselves are pretty standard and easy to operate; just press the smaller button for on/off and the larger one to scroll through the intensities. 11 in total. This is probably the only downside of this toy for me personally. The intensities are quite different from 1 to 11 however the in betweens are quite subtle. My issue is that you have to scroll all the way to 11 before it cycles you back down. This can feel a bit too much and too intense sometimes and it is hard to know where you are on those intensity levels as 11 is a lot to keep track of with an orgasm addled brain. This isn’t a problem if you are playing with a partner as they can take control but when used alone it can be frustrating. The other issue is that you have to press and hold the off button for a few seconds to stop the power which doesn’t make for a quick shut down.

Sticking with the downside for a moment I do wish more than one nozzle head had been supplied. Ours is holding up so far but not sure how long it will last and you’ll need to source replacements. That said however I guess at the massively reduced price that the Satisfyer Pro 2 is compared to the Womaniser there will be some compromise.


Toys in the bath or shower isn’t usually our bag but the fact that this product is waterproof makes cleaning so easy. You can pop the nozzle off and give it a good old wash without fear of any liquid seeping in and destroying your product. Our usual cleaning is with Antibacterial soap or hand wash and a spritz of toy cleaner.

You aren’t supplied with a storage bag or anything for this item but again with the price tag we feel this is a fair compromise. Everything has gone into the toy itself rather than packaging and extras. Don’t get me wrong I can definitely be a sucker for beautiful, luxurious packaging but it isn’t strictly necessary and we think most people will happily forego this in light of the awesomeness of the product in use.

So how does it actually feel? It’s very difficult to describe to be honest. I can’t strictly say it feels like oral sex but it has certain similarities as probably expected from a suction style toy. It’s like a very consistent suck..not a full on vacuum suck by any mean but it kind of pulses and vibrates.

As you will come to know from us lube is ours, and you should make it your best friend! We would therefore recommend a bit of water based lube to stop any chafing and to help make using the Satisfyer Pro 2 altogether more pleasurable.

As a side note; don’t forget when using any product that contains silicone, keep any silicone based lube as far away as possible as this could damage the surface of your product.

Noise levels are pretty odd on this one…the sound when not over your clit is a pretty loud droning sound that can only be compared to a washing machine, ( agreed after some debate! ;-)…. it is quite loud to be honest but once in place on your clit and the seal is made it drastically reduces the sound. If you are conscious of noise then put in situ first before turning it on.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 can leave you with a bit of a sensitive clit for a while after as it really is a very different and very intense sensation but we would definitely recommend giving it a go for a truly unique feeling and experience!

You can purchase the Satisfyer Pro 2 from Lovehoney for £69.99 if you want to try this new style of sex toy for yourself.

10/10 for this product from me. There may be some downsides but I can’t deny that my body loves this toy and it is in my quick go to toys for the foreseeable future.

The missus gives it 10/10 as well so I’d say thats a big fat thumbs up from She Bangs for the Satisfyer Pro 2!

Affiliate links have been used in this review. This in no way affects our opinions.


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